Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Whoa!!! Fall off the blogging wagon for a couple months and everything changes! (I'm referring to the new posting setup).

Well, this poor little Healthy Challenge blog has become sorely neglected. So has my body!! lol

Since the challenge seems to be not so popular, I figured I should maybe just start posting my personal progress in the Healthy Lifestyle department. Gwennaelle, feel free to join in. :)

My progress lately has been pretty much more like regression. I've taken to eating very unhealthily and getting NO exercise whatsoever. I am currently at my heaviest weight ever, short of the last pregnancy when I shot up to 232 pounds. I had twins in there, so I find that understandable to a point. My fat pants are now tight on me. I seriously have one pair of shorts that still feel comfortable on me, everything else is tight all over the place---in the waist, in the legs, in the butt area. Trust me, it's not a pretty sight. Aaaand the rolls around my midsection have become quite noticeable. Used to be I could wear a baggy shirt, and kind of cover up the fact that I had a tummy. Not anymore. sigh.
I am very unhappy with the way I look. More importantly I don't like how I'm feeling. I've had quite a bit of tummy trouble lately. I'm pretty sure that's because of my lousy diet. My feet hurt, and I get tired walking up one flight of stairs.

SO, what am I gonna do about it?

I'm thinking of small changes. It's too much maybe to try to do everything all at once. I've decided to commit myself to thirty days of exercise for the month of May. I've been good so far. Yesterday morning I popped in an exercise video and did the full thirty minutes, and today I did 30 minutes on the treadmill when I dropped my boys off at their preschool class. Two days down--woot!!

I'm hoping I can form a habit by committing to this initial 30 days of exercise. Next month I'll try to keep the momentum going by continuing to exercise at least 4 days a week, and I'll add in an additional 30 day committment--maybe watching my calories, or eliminating soda. Whichever feels most necessary at that point. Right now, I'm just hoping that by the end of May, I can climb a few more than one flight of stairs before I feel so crappy.

Wish me luck!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Let's hope we can do it again

I enjoyed this challenge because I had people to share stuff with.
I hope we can start it again and waiting until we can do so here is the kind of breakfast I fix myself in the morning. The blender you see behind is one evil little appliance. It is a blender with a thing inside you can put in or remove. If you put it then you can add any fruit and it will get the juice out of the fruit much better than with a fruit juice maker and leaving a lot less trash than with a fruit juice maker. In the end it is also much easier to clean.
It was expensive but I got it for my B-Day a few years ago and it was on sale so it was ok (but still expensive to my taste).
Anyway I hope this can give you ideas and will make you feel like starting this over again.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our First Challenge Winner is.......

Woot! Way to go Gwennaelle!

Sorry it took me  a few days to post this. I'm being totally lazy this week. But, I am SO ready to get back on the wagon Monday morning, when we'll start up a whole new challenge. It would be great to get a few more participants, so girls if you know anybody interested in getting healthy, send them over.

Gwennaelle, I'd really like to post your picture over there on the side. I might just go steal one off of your facebook page!!!!
Now, tell me. Can you use the $25 giftcard, or would it work with the exchange rate? I don't know how any of that works. Let me know what you think. I could send you some goodies instead....peanut butter....a scarf...a new Let me know what you think!

Monday, February 13, 2012

the best best best juice ever

Alright, after a steak and rice I was still hungry so I fixed myself another fruit juice:
One big orange
A cup of frozen cherries
A cup and a half of water with two tea spoon of brown sugar (not white) and two tea spoon of Rose water.
Several slices of ginger

This makes about a pint and it is just sooooo good.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

15 points

Sunday is always my lowest day but I don't care :)

Hope you had fun during this challenge. I did.

Last day of the challenge!!!

Hey Ladies!! This is it....the last day of our first challenge. How did you do????

Me? Not so great.

So, anyway. Post your points for the four weeks will ya, so we can determine who our winner is. I know it's not me! LOL

I'll add mine up and post them either tonight or in the morning.

What do you think? Are you guys up for another round? I seriously need to redeem myself. I think we need a week off in between though.
Let me know what you think. If you're on board with more of this, if this hasn't really worked for you, or if there are some other things you might like to include in the points, or things we should eliminate.

Hope you have a relaxing Sunday!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

19 points

freaking tired. Date went well :P I did not get a chance to tell all the things I wanted to but it was great anyway.
I almost ran away at the end, felt embarrassed, I don't know why. He was kind of surprised to.
Going to bed.